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I'm Rick. A React Developer and Web Designer

Website Redesign

Web design and development is my passion and I’m grateful to have to opportunity to do what I love.

I specialize in creating high performance web apps built around the React JS library.
If you’re not familiar with React, it’s a JavaScript library for building amazing user experiences for the web. React JS is opensource software that is maintained by Facebook and a community of individual developers and companies. This is technology that’s built for the modern web.

Who’s using React for their websites:

  1. Facebook -

  2. Instagram -

  3. Netflix -

  4. Twitter -

  5. Drop Box -

  6. The New York Times -

  7. Khan Academy -

  8. Discovery VR -

  9. PayPal -

  10. Uber -

I can hear you saying, “What about WordPress, Shopify …?". React can be seamlessly integrated into most content management systems including WordPress and Shopify. In fact, in the case of WordPress, since December of 2016 in version 4.7, they started shipping with rest API access so it can be used as a back end only. This allows React or any other frontend framework to be used to build the frontend of the site, while using WordPress to supply the content. This has many advantages, and although it can set us free of the constraints of a WordPress frontend and PHP (the programming language primarily used with WordPress), there are in my opinion, better CMS options available to supply content from the back end.

Checkout a demo Next JS site I’ve created to showcase a mock restaurant called Yusi Sushi.

See how quickly page changes can happen! Try out the search bar and see how easy it is to search the menu items and then add or remove them from the cart. This is due to the client-side JavaScript and routing that we leverage with React to make quick, responsive user interfaces.

This website could be live and selling sushi in no time. In fact, I've created a fully functional version of this demo that stores all the products on, and incorporates Apple Pay, Google Pay and credit card payments.

Click here to visit demo